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Audio Cables

24x4x200 Audio Snake    Excellent     $ 1195.001
24x8x200 Audio Snake    Excellent     $ 1395.001
8x4x100 Audio Snake    Excellent     $ 395.00
8x4x150 Audio Snake    Excellent     $ 475.00

Drape & Accessories

7'-12' Horizontal Support    Very Good     $ 40.0018
9' x 12' Blackout Drape Panel    Very Good     $ 225.0024
9' x 12' Velour Drape Panel    Excellent     $ 325.004
Adjustable 7'-12' Drape Upright    Good     $ 85.0016
Heavy Drape Base with Spigot    Good     $ 80.0014


C-Clamp         $ 15.0011
FE Lighting Par64    Very Good     $ 100.004
Lumi Multi-Par Fixture    Very Good     $ 95.0021
Roadcase for 10 Fixtures    Good     $ 450.002
Strand SL Fixture    Excellent     $ 545.002


Apollo Overhead Projector    Good     $ 75.001
EYB Lamp    New     $ 8.0010
Kodak 100-200 Zoom Lens    Very Good     $ 40.001
Kodak Ektagraphic II Slide Projector    Very Good     $ 100.001
Sanyo PLC-XL20 Short-Throw LCD Projector    Very Good     $ 850.002
Sanyo PLC-XU55 Short-Throw LCD Projector    Very Good     $ 1195.002


80" Da-Lite Insta Theatre Rollup Screen    Good     $ 300.001
Da-Lite 10x22.5 Fastfold Screen    Not as Good     $ 7430.001
Da-Lite 12x16 Fastfold Screen    Excellent     $ 5500.002
Da-Lite 4.4x6.5 Fastfold Screen    Good     $ 475.001
Da-Lite 6x18 Fastfold Screen    Good     $ 1250.001
Draper Diplomat /R 6' Tripod Screen    Very Good     $ 175.004
Draper Diplomat /R 8' Tripod Screen    Very Good     $ 275.001
Draper Luma2/R Post and Cradle Screen    Good     $ 875.001
Mini Da-Lite Fastfold Screen    New     $ 150.002

Video Equipment

Tektronix 1730 Waveform Monitor    Very Good     $ 650.001

Wireless Audio Equipment

8 Channel Wireless Handheld Kit    Good     $ 2400.001

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Condition Legend:
New   Self Explanitory
Mint   Box has been opened, noticed a fingerprint on the unit
Excellent   Has fingerprints on most of the controls
Very Good   Unit has been used, you have to look really hard to tell
Good   Only has a couple of scars, a relative novice to life on the road
Not as Good   In the mid-life crisis stage
Fair   Not abused, but definitely well used
Poor   Showing the signs of a lifetime of hard work
Really Rough   Looks like it fell out of a truck...but it still works
Parts only   Likely did fall out of a truck

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